A lost civilization rumored to be made of the first known Dreamers. Using the crystal spires, they sought to gain a deeper understanding of the Dream. In the present day, fragments of their history have been discovered, revealing grand secrets to many mysteries.


Rarely, humans are gifted to see the Dream's true nature. These ‘Dreamers’ are able to materialize their illusions, emotions and beliefs into form. The magnitude of their ability is often influenced by the strength of their will.


A race entirely composed of tall, colorful females who bring life, joy and inspiration to the material world. Bound to protect the balance of power within the Dream, the Muses have found themselves divided in their ideals against the threat of the Sirens.


A hardy reptilian people native to the Isle of Ancients, the Saurians strive against the wildlands that surround them. A dreamless race by nature, only one among them is gifted with the power of a Dreamer; fated to shield their people against the chaos.


Once devout Muses, this rebellious faction sought a life of their own making. They drew the Dream into themselves, shaping it to their desires and becoming Sirens. Their cause would soon stir war against their sisters. They will stop at nothing to change their race’s destiny.


An alliance of exceptional individuals brought together by the greatest of all Dreamers, Dominus Lucain. Their purpose guided by a prophecy set in motion long ago, the Vanguard travels towards the Isle of Ancients, knowing the future of humanity depends on their success.


A guild of dedicated scholars and engineers; the Visionaries seek enlightenment through testing, observation and study. Highly respected and incredibly valuable allies, they are seen by the nations of the world as the key to power and prosperity.