A teenage prodigy, Vex is a spunky, hopeful engineer of the Visionary Guild. From her latest invention, she empowers her gun with The Dream. She journeys to uncover the truth behind her father's mysterious disappearance, the famous Dominus Lucain.


An ex-mercenary, Gregor lost his closest friends during a dangerous contract. Since then, he moonlights as a gravedigger -- choosing to stay within a ruined village where he speaks to his old comrades using the gift of The Dream.


Once an eccentric visionary, Solomon uncovered a terrible truth beneath the empire of Zwaarda. His soul was taken, and through sheer luck, he reclaimed his memories alongside a newfound power. Under a new name, Djinn plans on reuniting himself with his old soul and foiling Zwaarda's cruel ambitions.


A mysterious creature found by Dominus Lucain that aided the esteemed Dreamer in surviving the Isle of the Ancients. Once a beloved pet, he was left in the care of a close friend. After a strange nightmare, Kumo escaped to help save his old master.


Having abandoned her old life, Allura became a Siren to claim forbidden power. Beautiful and deadly, she strives to reshape The Dream and destroy the mortal world. She will stop at no cost, and no one will get in her way.


Born to the Saurians, Draxis was chosen to lead his people to survival. Trained to use the land, his techniques meld him into most environments. Bound by tradition, he is trapped between war and promise.


A kindly, old merchant, Gespo collects and sells many treasures in exchange for coin and favor. Although portly and untrained, he always wears a smile and has many hired hands to assist his needs. There is no place dangerous enough to stop his search for riches.


Living peacefully with her father, Juniper thrived as a hunter of the wilds. While attempting to stop an ominous force, she and her pet were cast into a Shard - where their forms became one. She now serves the Vanguard, and seeks to get revenge.


A podunk child rescued from The Purge, Merri lives as the star of her village -- loved by all. Honest and full of imagination, she is gifted with incredible strength. She braves the unknown to become the hero of her own story.


A young, spirited Muse, Nym is the purest form of delight within The Dream. Among her many charms, her powers of passion inflame hearts and beguile foes. Burdened to stop the Siren threat, she wishes to guide the world to eternal bliss.


A loyal assassin to a criminal syndicate, Raskah's cutthroat bloodlust has marked him as an unpredictable killer. He will accept any contract and complete it to excess. Armed with an invasive power, no target is safe from his violent reach.


After monsters attacked his mountain village, T'Zuka fled to the summit’s shrine. Overwhelmed, he drew a mysterious sword buried in a crystal, transforming him into an ancient guardian. After saving his village, he joined The Vanguard in order to end the conflict and bring peace to the realm.