Q1 : Is Dreambound based on or derived from an existing IP or another game's premise?

A1 : No. Dreambound is it's own unique IP with unique characters, features, and mechanics. That said, it does focus heavily on lore/world-building as a gameplay drive and heavily divergent designs from other games in the genre.

Q2 : Will some of the level building and dev tools be available post launch for the players to use?

A2 : Absolutely. This is a big part of why we're building in-house tools. The idea is to have a framework/editor suite for building/maintaining MOBA.

Q3 : When will a demo or alpha be available?

A3 : The initial demo was estimated to require 3500-4000 manhours. Exact time to completion depends on the number of volunteers and hours contributed. With four full-time (40 hour week) programmers working on a fixed schedule, this would take roughly 6 months. Unfortunately, this level of staffing has not been attainable. As of right now, most volunteers are working in spare time at an average of 5-8 hours a week.


Q1 : What are the distinction between the various roles of those involved with the project?

A1 :

  • Wayfinder. Individuals who run the business, legal, financial/fundraising, marketing, and (formerly) community communication.
  • Developers. Those contracted by Wayfinder to build assets, tools, and code for the project. This represent active individuals (currently volunteers) who work weekly.
  • Contributors. Former active Developers or those that have provided one-off services/work in the past.

Q2 : Where can I find more information about fundraising specifics and the history of the project so far?

A2 : Click each header in the full timeline.


Q1 : When is the FAQ coming?

A1 : Yes.