Q : How come one of Draxis' horns is broken?

He lost it by trial of combat. You see, the Saurians live and die by a code of honor.

Q : Was there a 'god' (or gods) that created the area that Dreambound takes place in? Or would it be like miasma where it's created by collective human emotions

That is exactly what I’m trying to find out! You wouldn’t believe all the tablets, stories, and artifacts I’ve discovered that speak of a "great eye" within the Dream.

Q : What type of wood is Juniper's bow made of?


Q : What's the reason for why the two sides will be fighting?

They may look different, but Sirens and Muses were once the same. The Muses strive to keep balance, and the Sirens? They want to command their own destiny. They’re fighting over the Dream itself, its future, and its influence on our world.

Q : The Dream is a realm 'where all creation thrives'. What exactly does this mean? Is it a parallel realm filled with lifeforce? Or is it the 'primordial soup' from which the world is continuously being created?

Visionaries believe that the Dream works through us. And, in turn, we affect the Dream as well. We’ve all been to dream, in our sleep. It’s a place we’re still trying to understand, and it is my life’s work to figuring it out!

Q : Does Draxis lay eggs?

Editors Note : Not Draxis, but female Saurians do.

Q : What does it mean to be transformed into "An Ancient Guardian" like T’zuka was? Does he have some form of shapeshifting between human and guardian, or is he a "guardian" all the time now?

Oh! T’zuka is still human, but he is cursed with the power to transform into the “Ubari”. It’s something he’s still trying to get the hang of.

Q : What is the race that Juniper is a member of?

I’m not sure! I’ve never seen anything like her honestly. I know that she isn’t Bestian, but she isn’t human either. She’s something in between. Poor girl…

Q : Are the Nhumish a species, race, or group? Also what is the boomerang made of?

One of my best friends is a Nhumish! And she has chosen to become one of those who live by the “New Ways” -- among mankind. The boomerangs that you’ve seen are crude implements of those who live by the “Old Ways”. Such a fascinating race!

Q : Do victories on the battlefield carry weight for the individual Dreamers, is there a sense of persistence between fights?

Every battle is a fight for power, but not every Dreamer is prepared for war. It changes all of us -- no matter how puffed up some of them may act.

Q : will there be....ro...bit? Uwu

Editors Note : Yes.

Q : The Vanguard seems to be a group that most of the good characters are a part of. Is it accurate to think of them as the heroes, and the Sirens as the villains?

*laughs* Good. Bad. All I know is that the Vanguard is full of Dreamers. Some joined willingly, others were paid, and some had no choice. As for the Sirens, I may not agree with their methods, but is it wrong to want free will?

Q : Why does the [Isle] exist? Is it a culmination of people's thoughts, is it created to settle differences between two cosmic beings, or has it simply existed and become inhabited by strange creatures and those that wish to achieve something?

The Isle was once a very real place, with its own civilization of Dreamers! Why it has reappeared, I’m not certain. Dominus Lucain tried to answer that question -- and he’s gone.

Q : How do the playable characters (Dreamers) get to the [Isle]? Are there a multitude of ways or is there one specific way that all of them got there?

Myself and others arrived by boat. Some flew here! Others simply appeared. And a few seemed to be here from the start…

Q : How is death handled in Dreambound thematically? Clearly no one dies for real, but something has to happen when HP reaches 0.

When we perish on the Isle, the crystals seem to bring us back. But when I look into them, I see something more…

Q : What is a shard?

It’s crystalized Allmatter! The same force that permeates throughout the Dream.

Q : Are there any plans for lore surrounding the "real world"? Do Dreamers come from different realities or is there one world, dimension, planet, etc. That they all come from?

There is our world and the Dream, but something tells me there is more beyond. I’ve never met anyone from the stars… but I’ve heard stories.

Q : What was the Purge?

It was… a terrible time. The kingdoms didn’t know what to do with us. Many were imprisoned, some were enslaved, others were even cast out to sea. And then there were those… who didn’t make it.

Q : Did venturing into the Isle change Dominus Lucain? What were the circumstances of his disappearance?

The Isle changes everyone. Even Lucain, despite his grandeur, is only human. All we know is that Lucain vanished after forming the Vanguard -- and they believe he has returned to the Isle.

Q : How would Sully break the discord with Nymish?

I have no idea who this Sully is. It’s such a weak name -- not like Gregor! As for Discord? Never been there. Is it near Zwaarda?

Q : What is Djinn's opinion on gin?

*laughs* I’ve never turned down a good spirit -- and I’ve yet find a bad one!

Q : Nebulous as it is, how does each race in the world fit into its society and how do many of those societies function? How many different races inhabit the world of Dreambound?

There are so many!!! I’ve met the Birdfolk in the mountains, the nomadic Beastkin of the plains, the mysterious Aquians of the sea, and the cities teeming with mischievous Finks, adorable Nhumish, and diverse Humans. The Visionaries created the mechanical Ferrous, and the Saurians have survived on the Isle since the dawn of our world. The Dream is full of Muses and Sirens -- who exist with the Demi. And.. *huff* there is… so much!!